Daily archives: June 17, 2004

Where the white women at?

Ben Hammersley has found a seam of disturbing, yet somehow also pathetic, race hate sites. Traditional Dress (“What European women wore before homosexual fashion designers came along.” Thank God for homosexuals is all I can say.) would be funny in isolation- some sad little moron pining for the long ago days when women and lesser races knew their place. But it’s connected to sites that publish photos of anti racists so the faithful will know who to attack.

A few years ago this wouldn’t have shocked me so much. I used to spend time searching out the darker edges of the internet with the help of sites like the late, great Hatewatch. It was quite surprising what The Gas’ servers would let through. There are people out there whose beliefs are horrendously stupid and, as Hatewatch and BH point out, we need to find them and face up to them. And subject them to the ridicule and criticism they so richly deserve.

(Blazing Saddles)

Cheap at twice the price

My EBay woes were, sort of, solved when they had someone on the helpdesk phone me and try to sort everything out. Sort of, because he couldn’t figure out what was going on and recommended just setting up as another seller. The system accepted exactly the same details for the new account as it had been rejecting for the old one, so there’s something very fucked up going on at their end.

Anyway, as it’s a free listing day I’ve put a few comics up for sale.

Quick, think of another reason!

It’s been obvious for a while that there were no WMDs in Iraq. (Saddam wanted them, though, and he had used them before [with American help]- which some people are pretending is the same thing. I want a Land Rover, I’ve got a driving licence and I have driven [other peoples’] Land Rovers before. But if you send a crack team of AA inspectors to casa Spinneyhead the best they’ll get is the model in my cupboard.)

Now comes the news that Iraq didn’t support Al Quaeda, despite overtures from OBL in the early nineties. This is from the 9/11 commission’s report. Strangely enough, the Fox News report doesn’t mention this.