Daily archives: June 25, 2004

Sweet Action

When I launch Mary Tales I want it to appeal to female readers as much as male. This is not a New Man fluffy ideal so much as a desire to get subscription cash from the other half of the population as well. Maybe I should take some hints from the new wave of female targetting porn mags such as Sweet Action.

The Mary Tales gallery is currently full of naked or nearly naked ladies. I should rectify that.

"It's the ultimate in site stickiness"

Ask and ye shall receive. Another function can be crossed off the perfect sex toy list. Wired reports on remote control “scriptable” sex gadgets. Initially the devices are going to be marketed in conjunction with porn sites, with stars selling their own scripts for download. But it won’t be long after the device is launched that someone’s hacked the software and people can start offering their own scripts to swap.

The absolute perfect sex toy is still another person. Especially one wearing a Spinneyhead Perfect Sex Toy top or T shirt.

via BoingBoing