Daily archives: June 30, 2004

Heavy Plant

I only got one suggestion for an addition to my hundred things list. Damian thought I should get an allotment. I like the idea, but it’s a bit too long term for now. So I’m going to modify it. Thing 103 will be Go Guerilla Planting in and around Manchester. Next Spring I’m going to potter around Manchester’s car parks and other spaces with a stick and some seeds. The stick makes the hole, I drop the seed in, and then I use the stick again to cover the hole up. I’m reckoning peas, herbs and other food plants. Though if I can find somewhere that sells marijuana seeds…….

Lonesome Cow Boy

With only some forms to fill out (and some tuition to pay), the first year of my HNC is now over. The fact that I’ve been given Summer projects suggests that they want me back, which is nice. I’m going to have to slot them in between my own Summer projects, though. Project 1 is Get a Job, but, failing that, I’m going to aim for setting myself a goal per week and seeing how many I can achieve. An ongoing goal is to get a week’s worth of Deputised Experts and Mary Tales done each week, so that when webcomicsnation finally goes online I’ll have a big healthy buffer of ready material. Other projects include learning enough Flash to do an interactive cow map, cycling- and documenting- the length of the Ship Canal, getting pictures for the Look Up, Look Down, series of walk guides around the city centre and aiming for a hundred miles a week on my bike ready for next year’s Bogle.

One cow I found yesterday-

And the view from the window about twenty minutes ago-