Daily archives: July 9, 2004

All you had to do was ask…..

I’m still getting hits for Abi Titmuss, but they’ve started taking on variations along the “sex tape” line. I thought this was just people being optimistic, but no, Fleshbot informs me there really is an Abi Titmuss sex tape. (They also had something about a Cameron Diaz S & M sex video, but you wouldn’t find me doing anything as crass as mentioning it just to help the search engines. Oh no, not me.)

The Pisstaker

A former Green Beret, who claims he was the basis for George Clooney’s character in The Peacemaker, has been arrested in Kabul for running a private prison where captives were hung from the ceiling by their feet and tortured. The plan, it seems, was to use any information they gave up to capture wanted Al-Quaeda members and claim the multi million dollar rewards. The story compares Kabul to postwar Vienna in The Third Man. this is certainly the sort of thing that would make for a great story, but it’s horrific in real life.