Daily archives: July 15, 2004


Two pieces of news from the last few days that may affect the direction of Mary Tales.

Firstly, Domai is looking for tasteful erotic comics to publish on the web. I’m going to get a couple of pages of Sunday Morning done as examples and see if they’re interested. If it works, the strip is going to be very tasteful, but also incredibly dirty (it’s hard to explain, you’ll just have to subscribe).

Another thing that may affect Mary’s earning potential is PayPal’s policy toward “adult” products. Reading through the responses on this thread (via BugPowder) it seems the root cause is Visa’s efforts to fleece lucrative adult web sites by levying a security deposit, and annual charge, on them. Luckily, Joey Manley of webcomicsnation has done his homework and is going to offer iBill, as well as PayPal, billing when the service goes online- which will accept all manner of content and allows providers to opt out of the Visa blackmail scheme if they can’t afford or don’t want to pay.

Enough of this. I must away and draw naked ladies!

30% Gay

Tim sent me the Gayometer, a test of how many stereotypically homosexual things you do. If you say you sleep with your own sex right at the very start, does it just ignore the rest of the test and pronounce you queer?

Excuse me, I have to find out.


Nope. I gave exactly the same answers and came out 30% gay again at the end. Odd how my choice of bed mate didn’t affect how gay I am.