Work surfers beware

John called me yesterday to say that BT’s in-house censorware was blocking Spinneyhead. I must have said naked once too often. Or perhaps it was upset by the gratuitous use of the word fuck in serious web posts. Either way, and as the damage is done, I’m not about to change. Apologies in advance if there becomes one less thing to do in your lunch hour.

And, just to hurt my case further, some Mary Tales stuff. Posts have been sparse for the last few days because I’ve been experimenting with a new way to do art. I’m still using Poser to set up the image (when I get a life model I might start sketching the originals) then using Photoshop and Illustrator to get a clear line style I like a lot. (Insert mandatory work safety notice regarding the presence of naked people in images here.)

There’s a progression and improvement between these two images, and something of a leap from my original Illustrator experiments.

In future all lettering, for Mary and DEx, is going to be done in Illustrator. Speech bubbles etc. are so much easier. I also reckon I can streamline the work required for the Mary art even further. Another couple of images and I can send samples off to Domai to see if they’re interested and/ or have a large buffer of ready art for when webcomicsnation goes live.