Two Wheels Good

Got a good thirty miles or so of cycling done yesterday. It’s quite a good mood stabiliser- for me anyway- I was beginning to feel a bit crap after a week of small disappointments.

I went out to Harpurhey, Crumpsall and Heaton Park, but I could only find the Crumpsall cow. Ickle has managed to get a picture of Freda, the Harpurhey bovine, maybe I’ll just nick it from him. I also found Veera the Volunteera, who isn’t listed on the Cow Map.

Then I went off for a potter with Damian in the evening, discovering hidden parts of Manchester along a cycle path laid along old railway lines. Given that this city is the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and criss-crossed by these wonderful routes. We came up with a plan for a sort of Top Gear for cycling, which I shall expand upon later.