Monthly archives: August 2004

We are traffic

Critical Mass happens on the last Friday of the month in cities all over the world. I used to go on them, and when I remember which Friday is the last of the month I’ll do it again.

Of course, if you turn up to the regular New York Mass on the Friday before the Republican convention, the usually easy going NYPD will arrest the lot of you and throw you in “Little Gitmo”.

Competition time!

You may have noticed an addition to the rotating banners at the top of the page, spinneyhead street-

It, and Bir Milyon-

are making the older banners look a little staid. So it’s time for a competition.

Design Spinneyhead a new banner. There are five spaces to fill, replacing the gifs that are simply different fonts. Prizes are exotic and Spinneyhead related (ie, I found them in the cupboard). They include a 1 million Turkish Lira note and one of Bad Clanger’s concubines. It would have been BC himself, but there was much gnashing of teeth, mostly on my ankle, so I relented. Other prizes to be announced.

The banner can be gif or jpeg. It should be 400 pixels wide and no more than 100 tall. Competition closes on September 13th. Get designing.


The hell with cows, everyone should have a scarecrow festival!

After further exploration of Dovedale was rained off (we got as far as Reynard’s cave)

we headed back to check out some of the other delights on offer in the Peak District. I have to admit, the scarecrow festival wasn’t appealing at first, but we went anyway. The village of Alstonefield had 30+ scarecrows scattered around doing day to day (and occasionally surreal) things.

I think Damian and I have been to seven counties this weekend. I have a few photos from the phonecam, but I’ll upload those later with explanations of their silliness.

(Worzel Gummidge series 1)