Daily archives: August 1, 2004


Damian and I cycled out to Stockport on Monday, via various other points including Debdale Park, and passed over or near to the source of the Mersey. We couldn’t actually find where the Tame and the Goyt joined, because it’s somewhere under the town centre. So I’ve scratched that goal off the list, it was silly and poorly thought out. Pass on by, nothing to see here.

That does mean that I needed to find a new 104. I’ve chosen Damian’s suggestion of following the path of the M60 by bike- doing a circuit of the city using paths and parallel roads so that I’m always within a given distance of the motorway.

As you can see from yesterday’s posts, I’ve managed to moblog this week, so that’s another achievement. I need a thing 105, start suggesting now. Guerilla gardening is also under way, I have a small jar of flower seeds that I sometimes take out with me to scatter when I find likely looking pieces of ground. When I can provide photographic evidence of any of the plants taking root, I will consider that challenge completed as well.

Penny has offered her elbow for modelling duties, but she’s demanding a roast dinner in exchange. Perhaps if enough people donate a body part each I can try to construct a finished figure from the collection.