Daily archives: August 2, 2004


I saw this and thought of Ian. I am slowly succumbing to the house’s general geekiness but there is a line beyond which I will not go. And Marvel comic stuff is definitely over that line.

Having got that bit of protesting too much out of the way, this is actually quite funny.

Bitter Wolverine auctions Green Lantern Statue

Nicked from the sweet and lovely Floatyfish. on Livejournal.

Let's hear it for enthusiastic postmen

Having just got back from complaining to the benefits people that my Housing Benefit didn’t arrive last month I checked around the front door. Actually, the cheque had arrived- it had just been thrust through the slot so hard that it had sailed across and into the corner where we keep the paper for recycling. On the plus side, I can pay it in tomorrow. On the down side, now I have to explain this to them…..

The Experts return

I was rightly chastised over the weekend for the irregularity of Cycling on the Pavement and the disappearance of DEX. So this week’s project (the projects haven’t been rolling out much either) is to try and get them both back on track. To that end, I present- Deputised Experts. The plan is to update twice weekly for the time being. There’s an eight page open archive, older pages will be available by subscription through BitPass. If/ when webcomicsnation comes available I’m going over to that service- any existing subscribers will be offered a special rate. Subscription details will go up later this week.

Mary Tales may also start appearing here, I’ll have to see just how rude I’m allowed to be on this server.

Update The layout doesn’t work as well in IE as it does in Firefox or Opera. I’ve solved a few of the problems, but there’s one piece of alignment I can’t quite correct. It doesn’t get in the way of the art, but it is annoying. I’ll have another go later.