Daily archives: August 5, 2004

Project Call

Consider this my version of the LazyWeb

I have an idea for a video, but I’m lacking the equipment and a band to appear in it (Alan?). It’s a very simple idea. First film the band with a static video camera doing a live performance, no-one between them and the lens. Then they perform the track again, only this time there are half a dozen or so people with phonecams, digicams, whatever, taking shots of the band members and equipment from various angles. This would probably need to be done twice to get a good crop of images. Finally, get all the photographers to take shots, again from various angles, of the band posing. These shots could be collaged together, David Hockney style.

In post production the still images could be laid over the video in an ever changing collage that never fully obscures the video. For example, a close up of the singer could be pasted on top of them, stay there for a few seconds and then disappear. Meanwhile, an image of the drummer striking the high hat or whatever is pasted over them for a few frames every time they do just that. And so on.

This is a smaller scale version of my plan for a film (it’s on the list), which would be to have a small number of tracking shots (one long take if possible) with reverse angles being captured by handycams and appearing in boxes around the screen.