Daily archives: August 7, 2004

Bright wedding

We’ve lived in Lamplugh for years and i think that’s the first time i’ve attended a wedding in the local church. There was no shelling out, where the local kids the the gate closed and demand payment before they’ll let the newly weds out, which was a shame.
Now we’re off to the reception, where i must not drink too much. This would be a big break from almost every other wedding i’ve ever attended, so wish me luck.

An earth shattering kaboom

I’ve spent the last 24 hours without a computer (my PDA doesn’t count). On Friday evening I started my PC and after 30 seconds there was a loud pop, the screen went dark and smoke drifted up from underneath my desk. A few minutes and the sacrifice of a second 5 amp fuse later and I’d confirmed that I’d fried my power supply. I’ve just finished rebuilding the machine in a new case with a new PSU. Ah, sweet, sweet broadband. Last night I nearly watched Big Brother out of desparation but I was saved by a pile of unwatched DVDs at the last moment.