Daily archives: August 13, 2004

Psychodiscography- Part One

I’m currently reading Shake, Rattle and Rain, which is a history of popular music in Manchester between 1955 and 1995, and the Tourist Information spot in the Town Hall does maps of Manchester’s musical heritage. So I thought it would be interesting to check out some of the places namechecked and add my own musical memories.

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Grow Yer Own

Damian suggested getting a Spinneyhead allotment. A quick search found the Manchester Allotments page, which has a simple allotment finder. Not every site has its details online yet, but I now know that there are quite a few plots available in Levenshulme, whilst Brighton Grove, which is closer, has a waiting list. According to the FAQ plots cost �25 to �50 a year and should, at the very least, be kept tidy and presentable. I’d be up for it as a something-to-get-me-out-of-the-house, how about the rest of team Spinneyhead?