Eye of Newt

My Great Grandmother was a witch, so I’m told. A little of the power has passed down the generations, but I only get first sight and second thoughts occasionally (see Wee Free Men for reference). Today I got myself a familiar. I was going to call him George,but I’m sure familiars should have more exotic names.

Percy, as I’ve now christened him (whaddaya mean that’s not exotic?) is a strange little creature. When I hover my finger over him, he’ll sit up and wave his front legs in the air. I tried to video him doing this, but he was having none of it. After I’d harassed him, he decided he was going to explore. Both videos are 3gp and should play in Quicktime.

Percy is currently sitting on a tub behind the speaker, but I think I’m going to set him free before people come round planning to throw me into the mill pond.