Daily archives: September 20, 2004

Look at me! Look at me!

via pinksocks, two articles about publicising your blog. I’d already read the Blogger one, and have setup the NavBar and made a few other changes based upon it, but the Scobleizer one is new to me.

They’re all common sense suggestions, but someone had to say them out loud I guess. If I IM’d, emailed or forum’d more I’d be well in. As it is I’m trying for a variation on suggestions 6/6b, call it 6c- Do something offline that gets attention. Spinneyhead still registers very high in Google searches for Perfect Sex Toy (and the Fleshbot post about the project comes out top if you stick the phrase in quotes). So I really should get one of my own Perfect Sex Toy long sleeves and wear it out so people’ll go search for it.

The other big offline project is the grafitti/ signage book, because I’m going to put it on CD and try to get it sold in Magma and Urbis and reviewed by City Life.

Failing that, I’m still trying to cause an outcry about that time I shot Tony Blair.

….And clench

I was looking for another NavBar gem when I found this blog. I don’t know what it’s about because I don’t know the language (I think Danish or one of the northern European ones) but I’m sharing it because of the animated gif at the top of the sidebar. Strangely disturbing (and NSFW, though not that graphic). I’m going to have nightmares.

Edit….. and now the picture’s changed, so everyone thinks I’m scared of slightly surreal photomontages involving monkeys and purple umbrellas.

Move along. Nothing to see here.

Do not drive whilst under the influence of this game

How good is Burnout 3? Well, you may have noticed a drop, nay plummet, in posts over the last few days. And it’s not all because I was out burning things at a Rag barbecue yesterday or wandering around Ancoats again and then falling in love with Gothy indie-chicks in Rockworld on Saturday. No, the time that would normally have been spent at the PC has been taken up crashing cars.

The graphics are improved, it looks brighter and it feels much much faster. It also really, really comes through on the promise of driving other cars into oncoming traffic, and shows you the results in cool slo-mo. You have some control even after your car has left the ground, allowing for that sweetest of things- taking down an opponent with your own wreck. Lots of other little details, from the boost, to the navigation to the way you win new cars have been improved, but it’s the Takedowns that I love.

Casa Spinneyhead has the PS2 version. The game is also available for the XBox.

Now to start saving up for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Gran Turismo 4. They’re both due out on October 29th. There could be arguments, even if the house does have two PS2s.