Do not drive whilst under the influence of this game

How good is Burnout 3? Well, you may have noticed a drop, nay plummet, in posts over the last few days. And it’s not all because I was out burning things at a Rag barbecue yesterday or wandering around Ancoats again and then falling in love with Gothy indie-chicks in Rockworld on Saturday. No, the time that would normally have been spent at the PC has been taken up crashing cars.

The graphics are improved, it looks brighter and it feels much much faster. It also really, really comes through on the promise of driving other cars into oncoming traffic, and shows you the results in cool slo-mo. You have some control even after your car has left the ground, allowing for that sweetest of things- taking down an opponent with your own wreck. Lots of other little details, from the boost, to the navigation to the way you win new cars have been improved, but it’s the Takedowns that I love.

Casa Spinneyhead has the PS2 version. The game is also available for the XBox.

Now to start saving up for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Gran Turismo 4. They’re both due out on October 29th. There could be arguments, even if the house does have two PS2s.

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