14 good years in the bathroom, baby

The last time I went to see The Wonder Stuff was at Preston Guild Hall in the summer of 1990. Me, my sister, her boyfriend and my girlfriend. Then we drove back to Manchester in a Mini. Going to see the Stuffies again tonight is probably why I dreamt about Adele last night……

Excellent concert. Miles Hunt still has the attitude. Best advice of the night was how to avoid encores at “Coldplay, Snowplough…. all those young fuckers pretending to be miserable old men” gigs- you just don’t get the foot stamping, hand clapping rhythm going. The material off the new album- Escape from Rubbish Island fit right in and, because there’s no-one else doing anything quite like Stuffy stuff, sounded fresh.

Eight Legged Groove Machine


Never Loved Elvis

Construction for the Modern Idiot


If the Beatles had read Hunter- the singles

Love Bites and Bruises (b-sides and rarities)

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  • Alistair

    Hi. Saw your post on the UK Blogs newsfeed. Anyway, I am impressed that you went to see the Wonder Stuff. I heard they had reformed but was a bit sceptical about the whole thing.

    You are the second person I have heard say they are still up to scratch, which is refreshing. Quite an achievement really- I don’t think many bands could reform and produce new material in any kind of a succesful way, especially after 10 or so years. Must see if they are gigging in Bristol.

    Now all I need is for Pop Will Eat Itself and Carter USM to join them on a reunion tour and my happiness will be complete :o)


  • Ian

    Carter did a sort of reunion tour a few years ago. Jim Bob and Fruitbat performed a set each with their new bands then they ended the show with Carter songs. If you go to http://www.carterusm.co.uk you can find out about their current projects and buy merchandise and new music. Jim Bob also did an acoustic tour last year where he did new and old songs. (Some pictures here)As for PWEI, I haven’t a clue I’m afraid.