Daily archives: November 4, 2004

Lust Bug

There are no new ideas left in Hollywood. They’re remaking Herbie movies. Herbie: Fully Loaded, stars Lindsay Lohan. No, I wouldn’t know who she was either if it weren’t for Fleshbot posting about her breasts (NSFW), but apparently she’s a big star in the States (there’s no accounting for their tastes over there- see previous posts.)

Naked Cowboy

Robert Burck- The Naked Cowboy– goes to Times Square every day, wearing just briefs, cowboy boots and stetson, toting a guitar. He wants to become the most celebrated performer of all time, but for now he’s just quite, quite mad.

“In the future, nobody will know me as Robert,” Burck says. “I will become this image. Everybody will know me as The Naked Cowboy. Your kids will play with The Naked Cowboy action figures.”

via Link Right 2

Bailing out

I had too many other things to be angry about yesterday to comment on the US election. It seems half that country really wants to keep the guy who’s bankrupting them. Oh well. The dollar remains low, $1.84445 to the pound when I just checked, so I have a proposal for us Brits.

The low dollar means cool bargains from across the pond. Buy stuff from my Cafe Press shop– you’ll get cheap gear and you’ll help the US’ balance of payments.

After all, they’ve voted the monkey in for another four years, they need all the help they can get.