Daily archives: November 8, 2004

Take Away

A follow up to the Bailing Out post. Lots of foreign holders of dollars are selling up. China in particular holds $515billion and could be ready to dump loads of it as they prepare to tie their currency closer to others in the Far East. If they decide to start recouping their trade debts as well you can say hello to America the Third World country. This is a possible plot thread in the technothriller satire I keep considering.

via An Oregon Blog

Box 221b

Tonight I will be mostly filling in forms. Not my favourite pastime, but they’re both about getting me some money. Small claims forms have been collected (they’ve got metal detectors and stuff before you can get into the County courts, I spent more time getting through them than it took to collect the paperwork once I got in). It’s a shame it got to this stage, but now it has there’s no point in holding back.

The other form is for student funding. It comes with about six booklets of information and instructions. I’m not looking forward to tackling it.