Daily archives: November 12, 2004

Are there any penises this small?

The Smart Truck 3 will be bigger than a Hummer. I’ve made the offer before- anyone thinking of buying one- or any other urban softroader- can save themselves thousands of pounds by sending me five grand. For this I will send them a specially prepared T-shirt with the message “I am a moron!” on it.

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It's Alive!!!!

The other reason for non-postage was a temporary lack of broadband at casa Spinneyhead. But it’s back now and I’m a happy bunny.


Setting up on Monday.

Lady-like behaviour from Lesley

Chris gets his bra size measured.

And then has an out-of-body experience.

Last night was the only one I’ll be drinking at this year- tonight I’m driving the safety bus. Magically, my phone could sense my inebriation and, as the evening wore on, took pictures to reflect it. (Though I have to say, I was very focussed on the lapdance I got from my potential nude model.)

And finally, cheesey dancing behind the vodka bar. It’s .3gp format, Quicktime should be able to play it.