Big bunch 'o' Links

Random stuff that amused me on my trawl through teh internets.

The Victorian Sex Cry Generator
is an old favourite at Casa Spinneyhead but always worth reposting.

How It Works – the Computer – – we try not to remember the dark days before computers, broadband and all things techy. It’s just too scary. (Although the dark days before broadband was only the day before yesterday.

Fuck the South – a less polite version of Sorry Everybody. I’ve been less convinced about the idea of ‘red’ and ‘blue’ states (fyi Red = Republican, Blue = Democrat) since seeing these maps, particularly the purple one halfway down.

And finally, the one that has entertained me most this morning – How to turn your wife into a house cleaning machine.

HEY, GUYS! You can turn your wife into a housecleaning machine with tips from a psychologist who’s been there, done that — with five of ’em!

“I’ve lived in five different homes with five different wives and I assure you, those houses were spotless,” gloats Dr. Francois Tayler, of Seattle, Wash.

No explanation about what happened to the previous four wives. I’m voting for big divorce settlements or jail for attempted murder.

(Links stolen/borrowed from members of my Livejournal Friendslist – Hadiya ,Yffy, Nishgrrl, ChromeKitten and Pouk23.)