Daily archives: November 19, 2004

Fractal Shares

I would normally delete the Interactive Investment e-mail as spam, but a headline on the most recent one caught my eye- Benoit Mandelbrot on the mathematics of the market.

According to standard theory you would not expect to see a 6.8% fall in the Dow Jones Industrial Average in 100,000 years of trading says Mandelbrot in his book. It fell 6.8% on 31 August 1998. It also fell heavily on two earlier occasions that month (odds of all three: one in 500bn) and on 19 October 1987, just a decade earlier, it dropped 29%. The odds of that? “You could span the powers of ten from the smallest sub-atomic particle to the breadth of the measurable universe – and still never meet such a number.”

(The (mis)Behaviour of Markets – Benoit B. Mandelbrot, Richard L. Hudson)

They still seem like huge budgets to me

Alan sent me this link to an article where music video directors talk about their work. There’s a bit of moaning about how budgets are now down to the low hundreds of thousands of dollars rather than $million, and a lame “It’s all the fault of downloaders” argument, but I don’t have any sympathy for them.

Seriously, give me ten grand and I could make a great music video- give me �50k and I could probably do that film I’ve been threatening for years. They’d be obviously lo-fi but far superior to things costing tens of times as much.

Tally Oh

So there it is. the Hunting Ban is official. Not even Tony’s vain attempts to keep it from messing with the election were a great surprise.

To be honest, I really don’t care. Neither side appeals to me. The Countryside Alliance are selfish bastards who only became interested in rural problems when their “sport” was in danger. Anti hunt campaigners are clueless as to the realities of country life and can’t comprehend that foxes are still going to be killed- and in ways just as inhumane- because they’re a danger to livestock.

There are more important issues in the countryside (transport, jobs, agriculture) and the country (do I really need to start a list?) that have been ignored because of the fuss over a cause championed by minorities on each side.


So, another thing crossed off the 100 things list. I’ll consult with my model before posting the results to the gallery, so you’ll just have to take my word for it for now.

I’d like to do a Hockney style photo-collage, if anyone’s interested in standing or sitting still for that long. It’d be a full 360, so I could try to make one of those QTVR panorama shots from it.

On the sex toy front it seems that all the development is being done for me by third partys. Wired’s sex editor does a quick review and concludes that the really interesting developments are being made in products for men.