“Beer is evidence that God exists. Pilsner is proof of the Devil.”

It’s been an interesting week on Spinneyhead mountain. Tasters-

Team Spinneyhead is down a member. I’ve been meaning to hit the delete button for a while, and finally took the symbolic move last week in preparation for the Small Claims bitch slap. And after I’d made him a millionnaire as well. I may recruit a replacement (or more)- CVs, covering letters and bribes to the usual place.

The Small Claims Experience is temporarily stalled. I can file the claim for free if I fill out a form about being on Jobseekers and provide a letter proving it. Except that the last letter I have from the JSA is to tell me they’re suspending my payments. I started doing part time work a few weeks ago, ferrying drunken students home from the Union on Friday and Saturday nights. Friday is part of my social life, I know most of the people I transport, Saturday is quieter and better for sitting in the bar and getting coursework done.

So far I feel like I’m doing it for love, however. It was three weeks before the University’s pay department bothered to pass on down the line that they needed more info than they had originally requested and they’re not going to pay until it’s provided. Which wouldn’t be so bad, it just means that I get my pay in one big chunk. But I made the foolish mistake of telling the JSA that I’m doing part time work. Now they won’t pay out benefit until I provide them with payslips to prove my wage. Because I’m not getting paid, I’m not getting the benefit I should be getting because I’m not being paid.

I think I need to have a chat with Gerald.

Went XBox hunting with Damian on Saturday. It was an adventure in itself, involving car crashes (oh, okay, we saw a low speed collision in the Big W car park), misdirection and an industrial amount of toilet roll. I forced him to bring it back to casa Spinneyhead and unpack it so I could play Halo. It’s a good job I’ve got no money, really, because I’d just have spent it all at Costco and the European markets.

There are more little tidbits of news, but I’ll save them for later.