Daily archives: November 25, 2004


If you pop over to the shop and get the ultra cheap download of Another Education/ Ruby Red you’ll find the latter stotry is set in an imaginary West Cumbrian University. Twelve years later and life, sort of, imitates art as the University of Central Lancashire plans a campus in west Cumbria, only a few miles from the fictional location.

From Mum, who actually sent me the newspaper cutting, prompting me to go and find it online.

Fewer Things

I’ve decided that it could get a bit depressing always having 100 things to aspire to. So far I’ve always added new goals to the 100 Things list every time I crossed one off. But I’m finding it hard to think up new aims. The last new one- Make love with a cheerleader– was a little silly. (I’m not saying I wouldn’t do it, it’d be fun. Silly, but fun.) So, until the list comes down to a manageable level, I’m not going to replenish it.

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via The Ministry Blog, even if he was mocking it.