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Use the force Silent Bob

Rumors are rife that Kevin Smith (yes, that Kevin Smith) is being hired to run the new Star Wars TV show (due on air in ’06). Supposedly Lucas wants to step back from the day to day running of the show and wants an independent film maker with writing and directing experience and a connection the fan base to take creative control of the show. Apparently the new show will be set after Return of the Jedi (and occasionally feature Mark Hamill) but earlier parts of the saga will be featured through flashbacks. As a fan-boy in his thirties I think that having a fan-boy in his thirties running the show is a good idea. The only worry is the inevitable appearance of Jason Mews (aka Jay) in the show. Darth Bong?

A sort of manifesto

So, after a longish post lambasting Creationism and Intelligent Design, this morning I found anti-evolution Google ads on Spinneyhead. They’re gone (you can filter out URLs of places you don’t want to be associated with, this has previously been used on sites selling Dubya blow up dolls or somesuch). If mentioning the subject again brings me more I’ll stomp on them as well.

Perhaps I should detail some of the things Spinneyhead likes, so the ads will be targetted properly. Snowboarding’s cool. It’s on my list of a hundred things to do. The last time I was on a snowboard was in January 2002, so I really need a dry slope to open nearer Manchester where I can take a few lessons.

Real Ale. You should know that Spinneyhead likes real ale after the beer fest related posts and pictures. Having said which, there’s a lot of Stella in my parents’ pantry and I’m not too proud….

Cool technology. Almost all technology is cool. One day I’ll be able to buy all the shiny toys I desire. Mobile phone technology in particular, but you really want to go to my-videophone for that.

Peace love and understanding. What’s so wrong with that? Especially as it’s Christmas.

Bikes. Cannondale, Marin, Trek, Orange. Actually, I’d really like a Raleigh Chopper, just for old times sake.

And, of course, sheep. How could I not mention sheep.


The great thing about being in the middle of nowhere is that when i turn off the light it’s going to be properly black. There are no street lights to cast yellow light through the blinds. It’s unlikely there’ll be any sirens in the might either.
And today was the shortest day. Make merry and be a bit pagan everyone, for the days get longer from now on.

Dolphins were Monkeys that didn't like the land

I reckon Creationists actually present strong evidence to support evolution, being more closely related to monkeys thanm the rest of us. Famous evangelical cartoonist Jack Chick has weighed into the subject with Big Daddy?, a comic which inadvertantly shows how ludicrous the Creationist/ Intelligent Design argument is.

Faced with the “six basic concepts of evolution”, our hero contends that only one- micro evolution, the only one occuring over an observable period rather than aeons- can be called “science”. All else is “faith”. In which case, you might as well ignore hundreds of years of work by some of the greatest human minds and choose the Bible instead, even though it contains dubious history at best and was compiled by men who weren’t present to suit their own political agendas.

The really sad thing is that beliefs such as ID are being given so much more airtime than they deserve. It’s not a science, not even a bad science, if it is to be taught then stick it in with all the other creation myths where it belongs rather than biology classes.

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(Lyrics from “Dolphins were Monkeys” by Ian Brown)

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