Daily archives: December 8, 2004

I'm a Nativity, get me out of here

Madame Tussauds has done a waxworks Nativity scene featuring celebrities. I could accept Samuel L Jackson as a wise man rather than a shepherd (“I bring a present for the child. It is the one that says ‘Baddass Motherfucker’ on it.”), and Kylie is fine as an angel. But Posh and Becks as Mary and Joseph? And Blair, Bush and Greek Phil as wise men? Somebody got too drunk at the Christmas party and wrote those down all wrong.

Not a lot hotter than Potter

A local library decides to hold a Harry Potter themed party to get kids into reading. A local politician, with ‘strong religious beliefs’, hears about it and writes a two page letter asking the librarians to ‘dispel thoughts of “darkness and dark powers” and concentrate on the beauty of Christmas’. Deepest redneck, red state, fundamentalist America?

No, Rochdale.