My (artificial) island home

The Maldives are a splatter of tiny islands in an 804km archipelago running North to South off the toe of India. The capital, Mal�, has become so congested that the only possible solution was to build a brand new island from scratch to take the overflow.

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  1. Do you live on Male or Hulhumale or somewhere else in the Maldives? I heard that the entire archipelago was submerged in the tsunami on Sunday. News specific to the Maldives has been hard to find with so many places in the Indian ocean damaged. If you know anything about what happened to Hulhumale, could you please tell me? digitaldave76 at yahoo d o t c o m

  2. Avatar Lindsay Arnold
    Lindsay Arnold says:


    I don’t know, and like you can’t seem to find how affected Hulhumale was by the tsunami. I’m particularly interested as I read about Hulhumale only a few weeks ago in the Metro, and noticed that it had been built 2 metres above sea-level to cope with the effects of global warming on the sea levels over the next 50 odd years. If you find out anything, let me know.