Dolphins were Monkeys that didn't like the land

I reckon Creationists actually present strong evidence to support evolution, being more closely related to monkeys thanm the rest of us. Famous evangelical cartoonist Jack Chick has weighed into the subject with Big Daddy?, a comic which inadvertantly shows how ludicrous the Creationist/ Intelligent Design argument is.

Faced with the “six basic concepts of evolution”, our hero contends that only one- micro evolution, the only one occuring over an observable period rather than aeons- can be called “science”. All else is “faith”. In which case, you might as well ignore hundreds of years of work by some of the greatest human minds and choose the Bible instead, even though it contains dubious history at best and was compiled by men who weren’t present to suit their own political agendas.

The really sad thing is that beliefs such as ID are being given so much more airtime than they deserve. It’s not a science, not even a bad science, if it is to be taught then stick it in with all the other creation myths where it belongs rather than biology classes.

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(Lyrics from “Dolphins were Monkeys” by Ian Brown)

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