A sort of manifesto

So, after a longish post lambasting Creationism and Intelligent Design, this morning I found anti-evolution Google ads on Spinneyhead. They’re gone (you can filter out URLs of places you don’t want to be associated with, this has previously been used on sites selling Dubya blow up dolls or somesuch). If mentioning the subject again brings me more I’ll stomp on them as well.

Perhaps I should detail some of the things Spinneyhead likes, so the ads will be targetted properly. Snowboarding’s cool. It’s on my list of a hundred things to do. The last time I was on a snowboard was in January 2002, so I really need a dry slope to open nearer Manchester where I can take a few lessons.

Real Ale. You should know that Spinneyhead likes real ale after the beer fest related posts and pictures. Having said which, there’s a lot of Stella in my parents’ pantry and I’m not too proud….

Cool technology. Almost all technology is cool. One day I’ll be able to buy all the shiny toys I desire. Mobile phone technology in particular, but you really want to go to my-videophone for that.

Peace love and understanding. What’s so wrong with that? Especially as it’s Christmas.

Bikes. Cannondale, Marin, Trek, Orange. Actually, I’d really like a Raleigh Chopper, just for old times sake.

And, of course, sheep. How could I not mention sheep.