Daily archives: January 5, 2005

Quantum Cycle

Today marks the start of Einstein Year, celebrating 100 years since Einstein first published three papers in physics and generally making a name for himself.

To highlight the occasion, a Cambridge physicist got together with a BMX stunt rider to design the “Einstein Flip”, a new BMX trick, which I’m sure Ian will be performing for your edification and delight once he gets his dream BMX.

Which will probably be after he climbs out of the lake at Lyme Park.

Frightened to Death by Fairies

Frightened to Death by Fairies is a possible project for 2005. Based upon parish records from Lamplugh in the seventeenth century, it’s a collection of silly pictures based upon the reasons given for villagers’ deaths. (eg Frightened to Death by Fairies, Trampled to death by the Parson’s bull, Followed Will o’ the wisp into mill pond and drowned.) I’ve found a couple of books listing the reasons, and if I can sell the concept I’m going to the county records office to find more.

I’ve started a gallery of sketches from the project.