Daily archives: January 10, 2005

Think Big

The mother of all eco-houses, Biosphere 2, is up for sale. Biosphere 2 was an experiment in creating an entirely sealed and self contained environment, the sort of thing required for long term moon bases or even that staple of science fiction the generation ship. The project couldn’t really be called a success, but has been used as a centre for study.

The concrete and the clay

Well, concrete and Tarmac actually. Two new products have been added to Spinneyhead Scale. The idea is simple enough. Model railway builders need to create surfaces for their roads. They could paint them or they could buy some of the specially printed sheets that are available, which would get expensive for a large surface. Now there’s another option. Buy these files and print as much road as you require. Supplementary images- road markings etc. will be coming along at some point, and I may have some physical products to add later today.