Vote for me, vote for me!

MP Idol, anyone. I wish I’d heard about this sooner, because I have some strong views about reforming benefits at the moment. Specifically, if they want people to stop working the black economy, why am I being punished for being honest with them and telling them I’ve got a part time job?

Because the University is too useless to ensure that I get my payslips, I’ve had all my benefits stopped because I have to present every payslip to the Jobcentre before they’ll decide how much money to deduct from me. Because the JC has put a stop on my money, Housing Benefit has put a stop on their payments and I’m worse off than if I hadn’t tried to make things better for myself. Less honest people would turn around and say “Fuck it, gimme cash in hand”.

I’m waiting for a call about full time work, so this should become a problem of the past soon. But I really ought to write a letter to my MP or my pal Tony asking why the people setting the rules for benefits so obviously don’t have a clue how the real world works.