Daily archives: January 12, 2005

Take a seat

Another new Spinneyhead Scale product- the 1:24th/1:25th scale grotty armchair.

Every small garage has a comfy chair in the corner for customers or smoke breaks. Usually a cast off, found in the street or rescued when seventies orange was no longer fashionable, it’s oily, ripped and has collapsed springs.

This plaster model allows you to have one of these seats for the corner of your garage diorama. Imperfections in the mould and material mean no two will be quite the same. Paint it tasteless colours and let bits of white show where the stuffing is escaping.

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Frightened to death by Blossom

I’m doing some character designs for the fairies of Frightened to Death by Fairies. First out of the renderer is Blossom. (Warning, the small amount of cloth she’s wearing is a bit diaphanous, rendering the image borderline NSFW.)

The intention is for each fairy to be a character in its own right. The register actually recorded four people frightened to death by fairies over a period of years, so there will be one image for each of these deaths and the same fae folk will keep turning up in them.

There are also two different tribes of fairy- the butterfly wings and the dragonfly wings. The Bs got the North side of Lamplugh and the Ds rule the mean lanes of the Southside. The politics of it all, and how they relate to the Will o’the Wisp and Scallow Beck Bogle, is far too complicated to go into right now.

Appealing to the one handed voter

The Welsh Conservative party area office in Delyn, Flintshire (“I’m the only Tory in the village.”) allowed their old domain name to lapse, and when regular visitors went back they found it had been hijacked by a porn site.

If Wales were to get its own top level domain, the suffix would probably be .cym- pronounced “dot cum”- which could give .xxx a run for its money I guess.