Daily archives: January 14, 2005

Home Power

Home Power magazine, the hands-on journal of home-made power, grew out of our passion for renewable energy (RE). We’re concerned about a world that is increasingly polluted. We’re concerned about the high energy use and waste of “developed” cultures. And we’re concerned that people are dependent and unable to care for themselves when it comes to energy. Renewable energy gives people control over their energy future by using energy that is provided daily by nature.

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At last, a US judge with a brain and a backbone! A school district in Georgia has been told to remove idiotic “Evolution is just a theory” stickers from school text books. Someone should start suing to have pagan and other Creation myths taught in religious studies. See how the God botherers like it when told that the Earth was as likely shat out of the great goat’s arse as bodged together in six days by a man with a beard.

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