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The National Audit Office can fuck off

Apparently the benefits system is losing �3billion a year to fraud and errors. They can have my sympathy when they change the rules to stop punishing people who try to do the right thing and tell them about part time work. Those “We know where to find you” benefit fraud adverts really piss me off right now given that my local office is following moronic rules and thus isn’t allowed to find its own arse with either hand.

Note to whoever- if someone tells you they’re doing part time work then they probably aren’t trying to defraud you. Give them the benefit of the doubt and pay them the balance of their benefits based upon what they tell you, otherwise next time they won’t bnother declaring anything. They’ll be a benefit fraudster and you’ll be further out of pocket, all because some fuckwit wants documentation for everything before they’ll help someone who’s trying to help themselves.

Sorry if that got a bit incoherent, but I’ve had my benefit frozen since November because the JSA people want every single payslip for a job that pays a maximum of forty quid a week and can’t get it through their thick skulls that such a low paying job is exactly the type that employers won’t waste money to post out documentation for. (Plus the department that does payslips is in the University Union and I’m working for the Northern Campus UMIST and paperwork just seems to disappear [read: never gets sent] between the two locations.)

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The fairy king of fairyland

What an appropriate headline, given that I’ve spent the last two days drawing a Frightened to Death by Fairies image.

George Monbiot presents another view of the Chimp’s new rules of journalism. I still get Americans repeating the “liberal media” lie to me based upon one or two newspapers adrift in a sea of corporate interests and self censorship.

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