Daily archives: January 20, 2005

Do It Yourself

The quest to have other people build the Perfect Sex Toy for me continues. OpenDildonics is a project started by the Brum2600 group to bring Open Source/GNU technology to Cyber Dildonics. It aims to bring Cyber D to the masses through the use of GNU software and a ‘Build your own’ ethic. Amongst other projects on the site- wiring an Anne Summers Pocket Pleaser to a printer cable. the first step, I guess, toward controlling it from your PC.

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Traffic Jam

In the beginning there was BlogExplosion, and it was okay. Now there’s a rash of link exchange blog services, the latest two are BlogCrowd and Wolf Surfer. I use them to generate traffic, of course, but also in the same way as I used to use the most recently updated list at weblogs.com, Popdex, Blogdex and Blogsnow– as a way to find stuff for Spinneyhead. The quality, in design and content, fluctuates wildly and I’m not finding as many interesting posts as I used to, but the whole process is strangely compelling and addictive.

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