Daily archives: January 31, 2005

Weekend matinee

DVDs watched over the weekend-

Texas Chainsaw Massacre A movie can get no higher recommendation than the Daily Mail calling for it to be banned. Dark humour and psychological horror are the thing here rather than gore. I’m going to watch the documentary backup to find out whether this was another Ed Gein inspired movie or the “True Events” it’s based upon are something else.

Ginger Snaps. A more contemporary, and supernatural, horror. The connection between menstruation and the werewolf myth is made quite clear here, and the old silver bullet solution is given a coherent explanation. (There’s a sequel Ginger Snaps Unleashed and a prequel Ginger Snaps Back.)

Memento. Very clever and very well done, the twist ending has elements that you saw coming and ones you didn’t but which fit perfectly. There’s a hidden feature allowing you to watch the film in chronological order, but that seems a bit redundant to me.

Queen of the Damned. I haven’t watched Interview with the Vampire yet, but I imagine it’s far better than this. Not quite Catwoman bad, but not very good either.

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What goes around….

The hypocrisy of the pro war camp is fairly obvious. Back when people like Mark Thomas were telling us that the Iraqi sanctions were only harming Iraqi civilians politicians and pundits were quick to defend them. Now that the UN is deemed too willful and independent of the US the Right of the blogosphere can’t shut up about corruption within the Oil for Food programme.

Will the news that 40% of the revenue to be used in rebuilding Iraq since the invasion has been lost, stolen or squandered register with them?

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