Bargain bin

Picked up a couple of really cheap DVDs for silliness-

Leopard Fist Ninja. A man and his brother (and the brother’s girlfriend, and the man’s girlfriend, and a few other random characters who come and go) learns special fighting techniques so he can avenge his parents’ murder. To make it that bit more interesting, someone cut up the film and rearranged bits in the middle. The fights aren’t up to Jackie Chan standards, but they do show what can be achieved without resorting to wires and bullet time.

The Gladiator. Someone in a black General Lee (Dodge Charger? I can’t remember) is running drivers who misbehave or are inconsiderate off the road. Not such a bad idea, really. The Gladiator, whose brother was killed by the dark General, begins a campaign to drive drunks off the road- thus becoming almost as bad as the bad guy. (In the eighties the bad guys in these films were really, really vile. This was because the good guys were fairly nasty themselves and there had to be some way to differentiate them. It’s a standard that seems to have been adopted by the Chimp for his foreign policy. Paint Saddam as truly evil and we can get away with being just plain evil because we’re still not as evil as him. (Also, anything other than mullets or big hair automatically marked someone out as suspect. I don’t think that’s been carried over into policy.)) Anyway, after hours of driving around and “we can’t afford to crash this car so we’ll use camera tricks” moments the Gladiator just happens to pull up at the lights by the bad guy and they have a final car chase. The End.

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