Little Things

I don’t know if this counts as Spinneyhead merchandise or not. I’ve started modelling again, but I don’t have anywhere to keep the finished products. So, because this is as much about the creation as anything else, you can buy them. Recently I’ve become hooked on little Cararama diecast cars. The scale’s almost perfect for OO model railways (like the one that’s taking over my room in my parents’ house. I have to sleep under Bransty tunnel when I go home.) To start things off slowly I’m customising a few of these cars. If you have a layout set any time in the last thirty or so years, they should fit right in. Buy them all and hold a mini cruise. Future projects will be a more involved and will probably lead to more products for Spinneyhead Scale.

My model projects are listed on a special blog. Prices are based upon the cost of the model and the time taken on it. Special commissions are welcome as well.

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