Daily archives: March 7, 2005

Burn baby, burn

Whilst walking down Market Street on Saturday I saw something odd, a man with a barbecue strapped to him selling sausages. It turns out that is a German invention called a Grillwalker. It doesn’t look like the most comfortable way to sell hot meat products. In fact the next thing I noticed was a woman following him with a trolley of supplies and a large first aid kit. The customers may be shielded from hot fat but the poor vendor isn’t and it’s not like he could take a step back from the grill as it’s strapped to him.

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Money for something

I’m declaring this a value added week at Spinneyhead, as I try to up my earnings through as many methods as possible.

First up, the two services I’m already an affiliate of-

In Association with Amazon.co.uk

Everyone knows what Amazon does. If you’re thinking of buying anything- books, DVDs, CDs, photography equipment- how about popping here first and clicking on the link to Amazon. It won’t cost you any more and I’ll make a little from it. You know it makes sense.


More fine art than dirty pictures, this site highlights top quality photography of nude models.

I’m in the process of signing up for another affiliates programme. Paid On Results is a clearing house for affiliate links, so I should be able to find sellers for some of the more obscure areas I cover.

And, of course, there are the Google Ads. I’ve been getting a steady rate of click throughs since starting with the ads, but nothing spectacular. I can’t directly influence what is advertised through them, but I can increase the use of certain keywords (photography, if you hadn’t guessed, is one I’m trying for at the moment) and see what effect it has.

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