Daily archives: March 9, 2005

Fred the Dursty parrot

Just a little experiment before I try any more complex lip-synching. Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst recently joined the long and boring list of C-list celebs to have sex tapes released onto the internet. Fleshbot claim to have been traumatised by his commands to “touch my balls and my ass”, so I sampled this bit and used it to voice the parrot in a piece of Soviet animation found by BoingBoing.

Fred the Dursty parrot (3.2mB)

(Update Hello if you came from Fleshbot, BoingBoing or Screenhead, and thsnks for being part of my busiest few days to date. More videos coming soon.)

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Craigslist keeps getting mentioned on US blogs as a source of useful/strange online classifieds. I only found out today that there’s a Manchester version. It’s not as busy as some, but it’s still a source of odd stuff such as this- Pornstar Richard Mann is hiring models.

Pornstar Richard Mann is coming to Manchester from San Francisco!
We are hiring beautiful women ages 18-28 to co-star in our XXX film series. Whether you are a dancer, a working professional or a college student, you would earn US$1000+ each day acting in boy/girl XXX scenes. Applicants, send your headshots to RichardMannXXX@gmail.com

On a cleaner note, I think I’m going to put up an ad asking for artists to get Deputised Experts back up and running.

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In the pool

For the first time a blogger has been given a day press pass to the White House. Fishbowl DC got credentials after lobbying for a week to see how easy they were to come by. The quest was in response to the “Jeff Gannon” controversy. If a former gay prostitute working for a thinly veiled pro-Bush “news” site could get into two years worth of briefings on a repeat prescription of day passes, how easy would it be for a blogger?

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Green shoots

Tony Blair has unveiled plans for sustainable development. They include an interesting, if low impact, call to make overseas governmental trips carbon neutral. This would involve investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects to offset air travel. An interesting idea, but it would be cool if they could extend it to cover all air travel, not just that for bigwigs.

There’s also going to be a “national task force on sustainable public procurement”. Will this apply to PFI builds as well? Probably not, which is a shame because if they could look beyond short term gain a bit of investment in energy saving (and on-site generating through solar, wind etc.) could save millions over the lifetime of a major development such as a hospital.

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