Daily archives: March 14, 2005

Blown over

Germany is way ahead of us in generation of electricity from windfarms and is aiming for 20% generation. However, a recent report claims that the cost of connecting all these farms to the grid is exorbitant and other methods would reduce greenhouse emissions more cheaply. Of course, the antis have jumped on this, but I say we should be looking at the long term needs for power supply and realise that costs can be spread over quite a long time.

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I was twenty-one years when I wrote this song

It’s scary, but I almost agree with David Blunkett. He’s calling for a reclaiming of pride in being English, a celebration of identity that takes nationalism away from the racists. I was thinking much the same thing yesterday whilst walking through the market they’d set up for St. Patrick’s day. (Strictly speaking, by birth at least, I’m Welsh, so what I really want to do is reclaim the Union Jack from the racists.)

(New England, by Billy Bragg, or by Kirsty McColl)

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