Daily archives: March 16, 2005

The crowd are in the House

The Guardian’s alternative, sports journalist’s, view of the Budget.

1pm “Peter Hain is officially Tangoman,” opines Martin Williamson. “He has a permatan … proof that too much sun causes you to spout utter *******”. I know who Tangoman is – I loved those ads, the ones with football’s Ray Wilkins – but Peter Hain? Is he in politics?

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Food Miles

Air freightng food overnight just so we can have out of season veg is the worst offender when it comes to the hidden cost of our food, but domestic production, being much larger, causes more damage overall. The best solution is to get food as near as possible to straight from the farmer, preferably grown within 20km of your home. Which is close to what Northern Harvest achieves, so I’m a bit smug.

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Utility Scale

Farmers in Michigan are turning to wind power as an alternate source of revenue or supply, despite the state having no Alternative Energy policy. A couple of turbines can go a long way toward writing off large energy bills, or the land could be leased to companies wanting to set up their own windmills.

via Sustainablog

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