Daily archives: March 22, 2005


A large World War two Japanese submarine has been found on the sea bed off Oahu. The sub was captured at the end of the war whilst on a mission to drop germ bombs on US cities, or bomb the Panama Canal, using the folding wing bombers it could carry in its hold. When Russia wanted to inspect I-401 it was scuttled to keep the secrets of the largest pre nuclear submarine from them.

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Green, White and Blue

Over half of US conservatives surveyed, and 67% of NASCAR fans, now consider it patriotic to buy a more fuel efficient car. The numbers come from a survey carried out for lobbying group 40mpg.org, which exists to convince the country’s law- and car-makers that they should aim for a mandatory fuel consumption average of 40mpg. If, as the survey suggests, half of all car owners are already switching or contemplating switching to more efficient transport, the good old market economy may force the change for them.

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