Daily archives: April 4, 2005


The Erotica Manchester show is closing down because of poor attendance. They blame uptight Northern men, but the poor advertising coverage can’t have helped- I didn’t see any posters for it until a few days before the event. (Also, of course, Northerners are far too busy having sex lives to go to this sort of thing, unlike Londoners who love to talk about it but never seem to get anywhere. =P)

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Great Great (squared) Granny porn

Archaeologists in Germany have found what could be the oldest piece of pornography ever.

“Adonis is bent forward and the female figure is bent forward even more.

“There are two ways of looking at this. The first is that they were doing a ritual dance, but the other possibility is that the man and woman were copulating and that he was standing behind her. The copulation option is far more likely, and would make this the oldest representation ever of a pornographic scene.”

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