Daily archives: April 5, 2005


Lots of current cars are built to be recycled, but what about older vehicles? After being crushed the larger chunks of metal can be re-used, but that leaves a sludge of smaller parts that can leach toxins into landfills.

CSIRO Minerals are developing methods to clean this sludge up and get the maximum value from it by using mineral processing techniques. At present it’s a low margin operation but any number of factors, from rising material costs to more stringent landfill controls, could make it a money spinner.

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Wired on the Found Footage Festival.

The show includes everything from bad elementary-school talent shows to rednecks skinning catfish alive. There are bad corporate training films and graphic penis-pump instructional videos. “They get the best reaction from people,” admitted co-curator Joe Pickett. “It never fails to deliver.”

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You got a revenue plan?

Problogger is looking for a business plan and so am I. Tomorrow I have an interview set up by New Deal that may get me some support to go self employed (I’ll try not to bitch about how the system will offer me all this help now that I’m a statistic when I really needed it when I first signed on and….. Oh. Failed.) so I’m looking at ways to make Spinneyhead a realistic (rather than pocket) money making concern.

None of PB’s ideas will work for Spinneyhead. The basic requirement I keep coming back to is Increase Traffic. From my end I have a number of plans to make Spinneyhead more popular. I’m going to start putting up more media on the main blog- that parrot gave me a huge boost in visitors- and I have some plans to get more in-depth with Eco House. There’s also Spinneyworld, which is taking shape, even if only in my head.

In the meantime, you too can do your bit. Tell a friend about Spinneyhead. Don’t worry, it’s not like introducing them to crack cocaine or midget porn, it will actually make them a better person. Mail a link to the parrot post to everyone who hasn’t seen it yet (in a non-spammy kind of a way, I want good juju from this viral marketing, not bad) or tell them about one of the other really cool things you found here. That is your mission, should you choose to accept it.

This post will self destruct.


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So the election is set for May 5th and the BBC has rolled out its Election webpage. The good news is that all of Casa Spinneyhead are registered to vote. the bad news is I wasn’t chosen to contribute to the Beeb’s election weblog. You win some, you lose some.

Been a bit flu-y today. I’m going to try and carpet bomb the blogs with stuff from the dozen or so tabs I have opened since firing up Feedreader.

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