CLIMSystems of New Zealand have released SimCLIM, a program that will simulate sea level changes at various scales. From the press release-

CLIMsystems Ltd., Hamilton, New Zealand (PRWEB) April 7, 2005 — A new software package has just been released on the World Wide Web that enables coastal zone managers, coastal zone property owners and any other people or organisations interested in coastal zone issues to create scenarios of future sea-level change at global, regional and local scales. The SimCLIM Sea-Level Scenario Generator software, found at http://www.climsystems.com/site/home/, provides an easy-to-navigate windows platform for creating a wide range of sea-level change scenarios using the latest scientific knowledge. The software is unique as it is the first of its type to provide users with the capacity to create scenarios of future sea-level anywhere in the world that take into account global, regional and local components of change.

I’m going to use it to see what conditions would result in a beach on my doorstep, but it will have serioususes for coastal inhabitants and the people who manage our coastlines.

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