EBay watch

Something I’m going to do from time to time- a short list of kits for sale on EBay that I think are cool or interesting.

NB These are not things that I am selling on EBay. If I’m trying to pimp up my own stuff I will say so. Also, I am not responsible for any problems arising from the sales.

Here’s a few to start with-

Airfix SnapFix Flying Saucer. As the seller says, Airfix’s attempt to jump on the post Star Wars sales bandwagon. I doubt that this is one of those kits whose rarity is going to lead to increased value down the line. It might look good with a bit of kit bashing and weathering.

Airfix 1914 Old Bill bus 32nd scale. You might just be able to get away with mix’n’matching this bus with Emhar’s (35th scale) WW1 tanks and infantry.

Monkee mobile 1:25 “Here we come, walkin’ down the street.”

German tanks Captured by the Red army 1/72 Decal set and/ or Russian Lend-lease Tank Decals. 1/72 Useful for spicing up Eastern Front dioramas. They’re being sold by the same merchant, so buy both and you could get a good postage deal.

The 224 was an early variant toward the Spitfire, so this is an essential kit for any Spit completist.

Monty’s Caravan & Armoured car 1/76 kit by Matchbox WW2
I made this kit once and loved the little Daimler scout car. £8 is a bit steep for my nostalgia at the moment though.

Revell Snark S-M -62 missile Revell made a load of missile models in the 50s and 60s. Sadly 1- they’re very hard to find 2- they were “box scale”, sized to fit the box and therefore all different scales.

Artificial resin eyes Just a little creepy.

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