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That's so two minutes ago

Old News Baby For those of us who are so far ahead of the curve we look at stuff on the TV and say “Yeah, but I read about/ blogged that a fortnight ago.” Dump your link there and you can come back and show people it when they start going on about this incredible new thing they’ve found.

Thanks to Tim for finding it.

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Any Time, Any Place, Any Where

You are bidding for your own personal Jim Bob gig which will be performed in your house.

Carter USM legend, Jim Bob is on tour in May promoting his fantastic new single ‘Dumb and Dumber’. His gigs are a superb mix of Jim Bob solo stuff along with Carter USM classics. What better way to open the tour than in a fans home? Jim will perform a full solo acoustic set for you and your mates.

The tour dates are as follows:


TUES 10 MAY – BRISTOL – The Prom
26 The Promenade, Gloucester Rd, Bristol

WEDS 11 MAY – BIRMINGHAM – Carling Academy Bar
52-54 Dale End, Birmingham B4 7LS

THURS 12 MAY – LEEDS – Joseph’s Well
Chorley Lane, Leeds, LS2 9NT

FRI 13(!) MAY – GLASGOW – 13th Note Bar
50-60 King St, Glasgow.

TUE 17 MAY to THURS 19 MAY – LONDON – Water Rats Theatre
328 Grays Inn Road, Kings Cross, London WC1X 8BZ

If you make the winning bid Team Jim Bob (me, roadie and driver Mr. Spoons and Jim himself – obviously) will come around your house on Monday 9th May at a mutually agreeable time. I’m pretty sure that Mr. Bob will perform a few requests of your favourite tracks if you ask nicely. Also feel free to invite your friends around. We don’t care who comes along! (unless they are a mentalist)

We only ask that if you win that you give your home a bit of a tidy and get some tasty biscuits in. Mr. Spoons loves biscuits.

This is a 100% genuine offer.
We regret that due to touring logistics Jim Bob can only perform in England, Scotland or Wales. Bids from elsewhere will have to be rejected.
Once travel costs and expenses have been met any extra funds made with the winning bid will go to a charity of Mr. Bob’s choosing.
Payment will need to be made straight after the gig via paypal/cheque.
Any further questions please email me.

Marcus Tandy – Jim Bob’s Manager

(Carter USM, Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere By a wonderful piece of synchronicity, this song started playing as I was typing this post.)

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Don't eat and medicate

Government safety advisers are recommending that doctors check their patients’ diets before prescribing certain drugs, because some interactions can be detrimental or even fatal.

News like this is one of the reasons I’m considering a food/ diet/ health blog for the Spinneyhead family.

Avoiding interaction: what not to mix

Warfarin to prevent blood clotting

Reacts with cranberry juice and green vegetables. Efficacy may be reduced by ice cream, soya beans and avocados, although clinical significance and prevalence of this problem is unclear

Cholesterol-lowering or immunosuppressant drugs

Patients should not drink grapefruit juice

Sedatives; other drugs including paracetamol

Should not be mixed with alcohol

Lithium to treat bipolar disorder

Patients must not vary intake of salt once they have been stabilised on the drug

Oral contraceptives; anti-depressants in the SSRI class; anti-HIV drugs

Do not mix with St John’s wort, even though there is evidence that it can help treat depression too

Antibiotics in the tetracycline and quinolone classes

Milk and dairy products can reduce their effectiveness

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This is Dedicated to the Girls of the Nite

Harris’ List of Covent Garden Ladies was a sort of 18th century guide to the best prostitutes, supposedly written by th notorious head waiter at the Shakespear’s Head, John Harrison. However, a historian has examined the book and discovered it was actually authored by a drunken poet by the name of Samuel Derrick.

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