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Happy Shopper

Having mentioned one online shop, I think I should go through a few others for British modellers.

I’ve used Hannants a few times and never had any problems with them. Good for military, detailing resin and Eastern European stuff. Not much for the car modeller though.

I haven’t used any of the following sites, but they’re bookmarked because I expect to one day.

DJ Parkins Home to four different lines, Flightpath, Firing Line, Great Little Ships and Modern Motive power providing kits and detailing sets for aeroplanes, military, large scale (specifically the 1/72nd Flower class corvette) boats and railways.

Scale Link An incredible range of military and railway related kits. One of the more comprehensive sites for World War 1 subjects.

Frontier Models Another source for figures. Not as comprehensive as Historex, but covering more of the areas (Film, TV, fantasy related) that I’m likely to be interested in.

Modelsforsale.com Mostly mainstream stuff but one of the better shopfronts I’ve seen.

Net Merchants Again, quite mainstream. There does seem to be a good selection of cars on this site.

Langley Models A large range of products for the railway modeller.

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The eponymous hero appeared in a series of popular Japanese films (this appears to be a boxed set of them, but the buyers’ reviews are for the 2004 version) before Takeshi Kitano ressurected and updated him. The blind masseur-cum-swordsman, as played by the director, sports blonde hair and a red cane sword to complement his deep blue clothes. Wandering into a town in finest enigmatic stranger style, he quickly becomes embroiled in matters of revenge and gang war.

Despite the regular bursts of high energy sword play, the pace of the film is gentle. Not slow, every scene is rich in details and the narrative never drags, there’s momentum here rather than the lightweight speed of a regular blockbuster. The comedy feels odd at first, being more whimsical than action movie in-your-face.

Digital effects are well used, bringing life to spurting blood, severed limbs and the occasional sword blade. The Wachowskis could learn a thing or two about subtle use of FX from Beat Takeshi.

Ultimately there are few surprises. The ronin is doomed, the hero tested but not bested and everyone gets what they deserve. What’s most important, as they say about all great journeys, is how we reach the end.

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You are what you eat

Super foods

Every nut, even macadamias � the fattiest � has been found to improve cholesterol. Walnuts are among the superstars. They’re an excellent source of plant-based omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon is another great source of these heart-healthy fatty acids.
Studies show that you can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease by 15 percent to 50 percent if you eat a handful of nuts five times a week. If you found a pill that did the same thing, you’d make a fortune.

I swear I’m not going out of my way to find so many food related stories (beyond doubling the number of RSS feeds I check, but those are across a load of subjects). you start thinking about doing a food related blog and the posts start pouring in.

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I'll have exactly the same, please

A joint American and Japanese study has concluded that meat and milk from cloned cattle is safe for human consumption.

“The production of each milk protein constituent involves the elaborate regulatory function of many proteins and enzymes, and any abnormal gene expression would likely be reflected by imbalances in the constituents of milk,” they wrote.

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It’s a guilty pleasure, but I do enjoy Top Gear. I disagree with Clarkson on just about everything, but he is eternally watchable, and the Little Man is a Casa Spinneyhead favourite. I wouldn’t go as far as Transport 2000 and say the programme should be scrapped completely, but there definitely should be a Two Wheels Good or How To Save The World For Free (two programmes I’d like to pitch) as balance.

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The Zuma restaurant in Knightsbridge is selling a �55 burger made with a pure meat patty of the pampered beef. It sounds all great and decadently alluring until a Wagyu farmer describes an important element of his cattles’ diet- “It’s primarily lager, but when the pub in the village runs short they have to stoop to bitter,”. Heathen.

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